About Us


Hello and Welcome to No Limits Car Club

How we got here....

The No Limits Car Club was originally started to give those that are labelled 'Hoons' or 'Street Racers' somewhere to push their street registered cars in a safe and controlled environment, The Idea to do this was thought up by Anthony Fogliani or 'Fogz' as most people know him and Jai Philp.

It was after a Trackskill event one day that we had the idea to setup this car club to give people like you guys somewhere to race your cars with the help of Trackskill's instructors and using live timing to make it a little more interesting.

Then we realized that without getting people to our events they wouldn't be worthwhile or cost effective, so with this in mind we employed Brett Williams as our Promotions Manager and made it his job to get our new event out to the general public and to the racing enthusiasts. With Brett's contacts and ability to move around on the 22 Plus car forums he signed up to, He managed to get enough people to make our first event happen. The rest they history.....

No Limits now...

When you turn up to a No Limits event you don't just turn up and do laps like every other event, You get an experienced instructor who actually sits with you in the car and shows you how to get the most out of your OWN car. We help and coach each and every one of you until we are confident you can progress without us sitting next to you. This doesn't mean that we let you go without any further coaching we are there all night if you feel you need the extra guidance and assistance.

We will also (if your game enough) get in the drivers seat and show you where you can improve and where you should be putting your car to get the most out of it. We can teach total car control and how to avoid those nasty moments where you have no control at all...We will help you get 110% out of yourself and your car and best of all in a completely safe environment.

We suggest if your a little unsure of whether this is for you or not then come and check out one of our events as a spectator and decide from there.